Leather Leather Everywhere

9fda066d-cb4f-488c-8601-d2b624910d64If you manage to get yourself on top of a balcony within the walls of Fes el Bali by the Saffarin Madrasa, you can take a trip back in time and watch men from afar begin the process of tanning.  This process has stayed relatively the same since the 11th century. Men stand in waist deep vessels filled with different mixtures ready to soften and dye different kinds of animal hide. Again, if you manage to find a balcony to watch from, you are in for a treat. Now let me share my experience with you. Continue reading

How To Spend A Day In Calpe

On the east coast of Spain in the province of Alicante the city of Calpe sits beautifully on the Mediterranean coast. While many people would rather take a trip to Valencia or the actual city of Alicante, Calpe is totally worth a day trip visit, at the least. Surrounded by beautiful white sand and fresh seafood, this city is full of rich history and plenty of natural beauty to marvel at. Below are four of my recommendations.

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Pintxos Tour In San Sebastian

My only reason for taking a day trip to San Sebastian was to taste the oh so talked about food, more specifically pintxos as they call it in the Basque language. Pintxos are bite sized treats pierced with a cocktail stick through them but really, throughout Donostia as it’s known in the Basque language, all treats with or without cocktail sticks are referred to as pintxos.

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A Road Trip Through Galicia

After I graduated college, I was pretty sure that I would never have the opportunity to have two paid weeks off for spring break ever again in my life but if you work in education, you are pretty much guaranteed one. So, I took the opportunity to head to the west and spend a few days in Porto, Portugal and then go on a mini road trip through one of the most beautiful regions in Spain, Galicia. Continue reading

Holy Toledo!

I grew up hearing the expression “Holy Toledo” from my classmates. I was never sure of its origin but thought it sounded funny and instead of jokingly saying “Holy Moly” or other nonsense expressions, I replaced those sayings with “Holy Toledo”. You may be wondering, “why is she sharing this random information with me?”. Well, it´s because I got to visit thee actual Toledo this past March, and it´s in fact quite holy, the holiest of all the cities named Toledo in the world. Let me tell you why. Continue reading

The Time is Now

On Thursday, March 8th, women from around the world gathered together wearing purple to celebrate women’s social, political, and cultural achievements. More importantly, thousands of activists spoke openly about issues such as gender inequality and sexual discrimination that women continue to face in 2018.

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Currywurst in Berlin

As I was planning my holiday vacation, I was overwhelmed by the endless possibilities I could choose from this continent. I decided that Prague would be where I would spend Christmas Day rather easily but had trouble choosing what country I would visit before I flew to Istanbul to meet my friend for the New Year. Continue reading

Catwalks in Burgos

On November 9th, I attended my very first fashion show in Burgos, Spain at the Museum of Human Evolution. I know, I know, “Burgos” you may be asking yourself. Not Madrid, not Barcelona? Nope, neither of those cities. For the past fifteen years the Junta de Castilla y Leon has hosted this fashion show in order to showcase some of the most talented designers from the region of Castilla y León. Continue reading

Autumn in Burgos

Believe it or not, one of the reasons that I chose to work in Burgos, Spain, out of the other two cities that were offered to me, was because the city gets all four seasons. When people typically think of Spain they think of the beach and sunny weather but that is not my case and I prefer it this way. Continue reading