Inauguration weekend in D.C

As soon as president Obama was re-elected on November 6th, I started researching ways for me to attend his Inauguration in D.C. After months of planning my detailed three day itinerary, the time had finally come to depart on January 19th.  

I made the best out of my time there sight-seeing everything I could. On the actual inauguration morning, which also happened to be MLK day, I found myself unable to be where I wanted, due to the thousands of people trying to get the perfect spot to view this historic event.
Disappointed and sad that during Mr. President’s swearing in all I could here were muffled echoes of his voice, I had given up and started walking back to Union Station, even though it was early in the afternoon and my bus wasn’t leaving until 5 pm. 
I called my mom, complained and told her what a waste of a trip this was. Luckily I snapped out of my funk when I heard Kelly Clarkson singing and told myself “I didn’t come this far for nothin’, let me find a perfect spot for the parade!” And that I did.
I found a perfect spot on Constitution and Pennsylvania Ave, on a ledge, which allowed me to see everything on the street. I made small talk with random people from Germany and Washington as I waited for the next two hours.
At 3 o’clock the parade finally kicked off and the moment which made my trip all worth it happened, I saw President Obama waving to the crowd through his car window. It all happened in about 1 minute but validated my entire trip. Cheers to another four years!

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