Ode to my Madden’s

Oh Madden’s so sad to see you fade
it’s as if your bottom heel was chopped of by a blade.
We met in the winter of 2011,
black, belted, shiny, and tall
Oh how perfect you’d look in the fall!
You’ve kept me warm all over the world
from San Francisco to the streets of LA
all the way to Scotland, Paris and New York
And how can I forget the famous Abbey Road.
You’ve walked me through puddles, cobblestones, and even when it snowed
but you always kept your cool and knew just how to glow.
Our last trip together was a memorable one
we walked all over the streets of DC in the sun.
It was there in D.C that your conditions got worse
as if you were given some type of curse.
You got me back to NYC safe and sound
but the time came for me to put you down.
I’ll never forget the good times we had
and for that dear Madden’s I will always be glad.

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