Welcoming in 2014!

Last year I had to check something huge off my bucket list, which was watching the famous crystal ball drop in Times Square, I did it, I loved it, and told myself I would never do it again.

 The wait was worth it but this year I cheated a tad bit but still got to experience the magic. I had flown in to NYC from CA on Dec 31st in the morning, jet lagged and cold, I slept all day and evening up until 9 pm.
I finally got out of bed, got moving and was ready to experience the New Year. I left my apartment around 11:20 pm and got to 57th and 7th ave a little before 11:50 pm, just in time to secure a spot in the masses and participate in the famous countdown.
If I end up living in NYC in the future or visit it during this time, I will do exactly this. Happy New Year everyone!
Wishing you a year of love, joy, and prosperity!

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