The Magic Garden

“Some people like the money some people like the honey but I love art”.- Izaiah Zagar

I took a quick trip to Philly to visit an amazing piece of work by the one and only Isaiah Zagar. 
Over a 14 year span he transformed a building and some vacant lots in the south side of Philly into a magical garden filled with the most random items. 
Together they created the perfect foundation which transported me into a beautiful land of mosaics and tiles. 
For an hour I felt like I was walking down steps somewhere in South America.
You could see and feel the love and creativity that Mr. Zagar put into this 3,000 square feet masterpiece.
He is one of the trend setters that single handedly began transforming the community of south Philadelphia.
If you are ever in Philly, please do yourself a favor and trek it on down to the garden, you will not be disappointed.

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