This past weekend I was in one of those moods where I just wanted to be outside. A little exhausted from settling in my new apartment, I took advantage of the somewhat decent weather and spent almost all of my Saturday and Sunday in Brooklyn.

Smorgasburg was back in action and filled with a delicious lineup of vendors.  
Overwhelmed with the endless possibilities, I chose to indulge in the buttermilk fried chicken with a side of waffle topped with powdered sugar.
It wasn’t my favorite but was satisfying, what was even more satisfying was the chocolate hazelnut ice cream in a coconut baked cone, topped with coconut flakes, brown sugar, and a bit of caramel from Alchemy Creamery.
Now that my friends was the way to end my day at the market.
I’m looking forward to the endless weekends this spring and summer that will be spent eating and eating. The other half of my time will be spent doing tons of squats and cardio, but for food, its worth it!


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