Definitely Not A FAILE

I follow Swizz Beatz on Instagram for many reasons, his love for art being the major one..and maybe because he’s married to Alicia Keys.. BUT….back to the art. A major art enthusiast, I have him to thank for some of the cooler art exhibits that I have viewed here in the city. 

This particular Thursday he posted on his IG, that he would be dj’ing at the Brooklyn Museum for free, no catch. Of course I jumped to that. I dragged a couple of friends with me and we made a night of it on all five floors of the museum.
One of the main exhibits that Swizz was promoting was Faile’s “Savage/Sacred Young Minds” which included an awesome room, in collaboration with Bäst, of video games, pinball machines, and foosball tables. “The installation is a nostalgic nod to video arcades and punk rock and graffiti culture.”
Also on display was “The Rise of Sneaker Culture” by Morris A and Meyer Wing. This interesting exhibit has over 150 sneakers and looks at the rise of sneakers from the beginning of time to present day. An engaging exhibit that many could relate to, sneaker head or not.
To top of the night, as mentioned earlier,  Swizz Beats threw it down on the 1s and 2s, playing the best hip hop classics along with modern day hits. And of course, who was there to support, aside from Jadakiss, his beautiful and talented wife Ms. Keys. She teased the crowd by singing the chorus of “Empire State of Mind”, and it was absolutely fantastic. What a night and did I mention this was all free…


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