Queens Summer Block Party

didn’t realize the little amount of photos that I took during this event until I just now uploaded them. 

 For this to happen means that I had an extra good time, which is a rare and great thing. The LIC YMCA partnered up with the mastermind behind the amazing 5 Pointz, Meres, and the lovely people of Manducatis Rustica to host a block party for the Long Island City community. 
On the corner of 45th Ave and 10th Street residents, New Yorkers, and tourist were able to listen to the beats of DJ Milk Money, watch some talented B-boys from Dynamic Rockers break it down, have a photo op with some badass cars, honor some iconic Queens figures such as Marly Marl, Danny Simmons, and Lady Pink with an award, and lastly watch some famous graff artist work their magic on some boards.
Meres, See_TF, Demer, Lexi Bella, Pazroc, DJS1 were there engaging with the crowd, more than happy to pose and speak to their fans.
Most importantly, the word got out of how important community programs are for youth. Support the kids and offer them options to succeed, it should be everyone’s duty!

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