Johnny Appleseeding

My friend Justine and I have made it a yearly tradition to escape from the city and take a train ride upstate to some of the best orchards in New York each fall.

Our intentions aside from picking some delicious apples are to always walk away with some beautiful memories and with a dozen or more of the best apple cider doughnuts.
 This year we decided on Barton Orchard located in the lovely town of Poughquag. We have made the mistake, I guess you can call it, of going upstate during October the last two years to pick apples but turns out by then practically all of the apples are either picked from the tree or on the ground.
We gathered at Grand Central a quarter before 10 to hop on the Metro North and arrived at the orchard around mid day. Not only did this orchard have apples they had tons of other vegetables to pick straight from the vine. We had the option of picking eggplants, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, you name it. There’s something special about picking your own produce we all had such a blast and couldn’t help but eat everything we picked.
This year we went extra early and had so many varieties to choose straight from the tree, it was quite exciting! 
We frolicked and laid in the middle of the orchard and of course walked away with the tastiest apple cider doughnuts I have ever tried.

I probably say that each year but mmm mmm mmm, these were as they say the cherry on top of the ice cream. It really was a perfect Saturday.

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