Pope Francis and Rainbows at Central Park

One September morning while I was listening to the Brian Lehrer show he had mentioned the upcoming visit of Pope Francis and how NYC residents could enter the lottery to see him during his stay. 

My ears perked up and I made sure that on registration day I would be one of the first to sign up. About two weeks later on September 10th I received an e-mail from The City of New York stating that I was selected to receive two tickets. This made my morning, my summer, and is one of the top ten special things that has happened in my life. 

I was fortunate enough to see Pope Benedict in Germany in 2005, the energy and faith felt there amongst the thousands of Catholics was indescribable. Funny enough I felt the very same thing here in NYC. It was amazing seeing people from all walks of life gather to see this special and humble man of God.
My supervisor was kind enough to give me the day off to take full advantage of getting as close as possible to the barricades at Central Park. 
I’ve had plenty of practice waiting in lines and in spaces and it absolutely paid off because I was sitting and standing around for 9 hours but the payoff was priceless. 
I saw Pope Francis with my own two eyes. His presence is enough to make people gasp and cry and that is exactly what I saw around me. 
A special day it was and did I mention throughout the day mini rainbows kept appearing in the sky. Maybe a coincidence maybe not but to us we took it as a sign that someone very special was amongst us, the papa.


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