Jump Around!

Right before my friend and I strolled the streets of Little Italy for the San Gennaro Festival we made a quick detour to visit Shin Gallery. 

I had seen a photo on instagram of this colorful playpen full of red, blue, white, yellow, and black balls, it seemed so fun to jump in so my friend and I went to do just that.
A small gallery it is but it showcases amazing artist such as John Baldessari, whose work “Come, Sweet, Death” is currently being displayed. “Known for involving the obfuscation of faces with a colored dot, an act that objectively re-emphasizes focus to the action or event captured in the work. To this end, the absence of the face incites an absence of atmospheric mood. ” 
Focusing on the exhibit as a whole it can give the patron a contrasting view. On one hand we have a colorful playpen giving us the option to release our inner child and on the other theres a noose like rope and two faceless photos giving off an uneasy feel. 
Just as art tends to do, the patron is left with the decision to interpret the work as they please. I chose to release my inner child…..


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