Row Row Row Your Boat

My absolute favorite spot in Central Park is where the willow trees meet the lake right by the Loeb Boathouse. There is something enchanting about that area and no matter the season it looks gorgeous in whatever it’s covered in. Leaves, snow, flowers, all stunning. 

Believe it or not for as many photos that I’ve taken of lovers, families, and friends rowing down the lake, I have never done it myself until today.
My ladies and I decided to spend this sunny afternoon on the lake and it was absolutely magical. As the boatman gently pushed our boat onto the lake without any instruction, we slowly got the hang of how to maneuver the boat.
We laughed, sang, I played “Autumn In New York” and had one of those cheesy moments where I was really glad that I was living in NYC.
Although it was only $15, I will wait to do this again next autumn to make sure my experience is just as special. Thank you New York for the lovely day.

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