Chasing Banksy

In the month of October 2013, the elusive Banksy hit the streets of NYC with a different piece of street art almost every day.  I remember clearly that on October 2nd as I was getting ready for work, I had tuned into NPR and heard about Banksy’s “Better Out Than In” residency. The story goes from there, I commited myself to this one month hunt, which was extremely fun and exhausting. I rode many subway lines that I have never ridden and stepped foot in neighborhoods that I have never been in. It was more than just a scavenger hunt because along the way I learned a lot about NYC, street art, different neighborhoods, and even about myself. Who would have known. I met some great people during this adventure who taught me a lot about street art culture and how to network on Instagram. By the time I reached many of the pieces, they had been “buffed” out, stolen, auctioned off, and even hidden behind cardboard. Although I didn’t get to see six of his pieces for reasons I had no control over, I want to thank you, Banksy, for an awesome month and I look forward to your next piece of art! 
I had to come back and add to two extra notes to this post. A year after the Banksy run, photographer Ray Mock published his book Banksy in NY, which serves as a sort of diary to everyone that experienced his residency in one way or another. My friend came upon a contest that was being held in December 2014, which would give away 5 books to people that entered a few of there Banksy photos. I was lucky enough to win a book and by surprise was even featured in the book on the  Day 24: Waiting in Vain page. 
A whole year later in December 2015, Lizabeth Zendel, an author and director, got a hold of me and asked if she could use some of my photos from the residency in her short film titled, Keep It Real: Banksy NYC. I agreed and was invited to her dinner and screening in Brookyln. Lizabeth was extremely kind and introduced me to her colleagues and even gave me a shout out during her Q&A portion.
Banksy’s residency was  a highlight of 2013 that even resurfaced into the years to come. I have nothing but fond memories, fun stories, and even a book to look back on. Thanks again Banksy.

Day 1: The Street Is In Play

Location: Lower East Side

Day 2: This is My New York accent

Location: Chelsea

Day 3: You Complete Me

Location: Garment District

Day 4: Playground MOB The Musical

Day 4: Dirty Underwear The Musical; Occupy The Musical

Location: Bushwick, Brooklyn

Day 5: Mobile Waterfall

Location: St. Marks

Day 7: Battle To Survive a Broken Heart

Location: Red Hook, Brooklyn

Day 9: Night Vision Horses

Location: Lower East Side

Day 12: Concrete Confessional

Location: Cooper Union


Day 14: What We Do In Life Echoes In Eternity

Location: Queensday-14Day 15: Twin Towers Tribute in Tribeca

Location: Tribeca

Day 17: Japanese Footbridge Scene in Bed-Stuy

Location: Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

Day 18: Open Air Gallery Banksy x Os Gemeos

Location: Under the High line

Day 20: Hammer Boy

Location: Upper West Side

Day 21: Ghetto 4 Life

Location: South BronxDay 24: Waiting in Vain

Location: Hell’s Kitchen

Day 25:Grim Reaper Bumper Car


Day 26: The Grumpier You Are the More Asshole You Meet

Location: Park SlopeDay 27: This Site Contains Blocked Messages

Location: Greenpoint, BrooklynDay 28:Tagging Robot

Location: Coney Island

Day 29: Painting With Nazi Officer

Location: W 23rd Housing WorksDay 30: Bronx Leopard

Location: Bronxcheetah.jpg

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