Cigarettes, Bubble Gum, and Waterfalls

It’s been months since I’ve posted, how terrible of me! I have nothing but the usual excuses to give you…I’ve been busy, I got a new job…but it really is true. 

Anyway I’ll be updating my blog every day this week and will be back on track this weekend. Excited to get back into my adventures and sharing them all with you guys. 
Back in December I made a trip to the Hauser & Wirth gallery to view Mark Bradford’s exhibit “Be Strong Boquan”, which centered around memories of youth and political and social policies that raised questions of culture, race, sexuality, and gender, specifically in Los Angeles. 
As I was walking through the film still room I heard a commotion made up of teen laughs, yells, and whispers. I was fairly certain that I would be getting the whole galley to myself, which is why I have always enjoyed gallery hopping during the week during off hours but in this instance I had to share the space with a visiting high school group. 
To my surprise I wasn’t bothered at all, in fact, I enjoyed watching them interact and interpret the art. They sat and discussed in groups and in pairs of how the art made them feel and applied what they have been learning in class to the outside world. Kudos to the teacher for stepping outside of the classroom and making the field trip an interesting one.
As for me I enjoyed the colorful draped waterfall and multimedia installation located in a separate white room with dimmed lights and a single red light projecting Eddie Murphy’s stand-up clips from the film “Delirious” which poked fun at 1980’s homophobia. 
As you heard Eddie speaking the monologue was also displayed against the wall, which added a whole other element to the show. Reading the words was a bit disturbing and offensive and demonstrated how powerful language can be.
If you get the opportunity please read up on Mark Bradford!
That’s it for now. I have to study for my GRE. Happy New Year!


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