Space and Open Plans

I’ve always admired windows. Whether they be tall, wide, or narrow, to me they are unusually romantic.

They evoke so many feelings and control what they want you to see. A window can bring you extremely close to an object, show you a different vantage point, or even make you feel trapped and longing to see and feel more.
One of my favorite things to do in the city is visit rooftop bars or buildings that have large open windows to look out of.
I came across this beautiful exhibit online called “Open Plan” by Andrea Fraser, which took place at the Whitney. The fifth floor of the museum was transformed into the largest column free museum space making it easy for visitors to look out west into the Hudson River or east into to the concrete jungle. 
I was able to run over to the Whitney a few times before the exhibit ended to catch stunning sunsets. I glided up and down the floor, free and careless, not having to worry about bumping into a wall, piece of art, or visitor, it was absolutely perfect, and I wish this space could permanently stay as is. 
But it didn’t and it’s okay. I will forever be out on the hunt for open spaces and windows.

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