We Came Just For The Lobstah

Maine has been on my bucket list for some time now.

At the age of five I became allergic to fish which has made sushi dinners and birthday celebrations quite boring for me…food wise, not the company of course. Being that I’m not allergic to shellfish I made it my goal to travel to Newport, Maine along with my road buddy Justine this past Memorial Day Weekend and indulge on the finest lobster.

We stood at a humble bed and breakfast located on the outskirts of downtown and strolled all throughout the surprisingly quiet streets of the city.
 We expected more tourist to be in town this weekend but perhaps they decided to travel to much warmer destinations.
We roamed the foggy streets to find the prettiest lighthouses, meatiest lobster, and good old New England charm.

 A few of my favorite places:

The Lobster Shack– This was my favorite memory of Maine. Located in Cape Elizabeth we took a taxi out to this shack. There was a long line but totally worth it. I ordered the lobster, which I picked out for myself, with a side of fries, cole slaw, and rhubarb pie. Man oh man, good eatin’. Once you order the food you can either sit inside or outside, we picked a bench overlooking the North Atlantic Ocean, it was perfect.

Old Port– A classic waterfront with cobblestone streets leading to shops, restaurants, and the smell of the sea.

Commercial Street– Stroll down this street to capture Downtown Portland and all of its essence. 

Duckfat– My coworker had recommended this restaurant. Located on Middle Street this place is known for frying its potatoes in duck fat. My friend and I ordered poutine topped with duck gravy, cheese curds, and chives. Washed it down with a healthy milkshake. A classic combo, you can’t go wrong with fries and shakes. 

Portland Head Light- Athough it was under construction it was still very pretty to see. When I think of lighthouses, I think of ones that look exactly like this. 

Bite Into Maine Food Truck– This food truck is actually located on the pathway to the Portland Head Light. They offer three different kinds of lobster rolls but I recommend the classic Maine style. Paired up with fresh chives and light mayo, one bite into this roll will leave you wanting more. 

Space Gallery- We just happened to stumble upon the gallery while we were strolling through the Arts District. I’m a sucker for art and was happy to see how thriving the scene was. The artist on display were Portland locals.

The Holy Donut- Donuts made out of potatoes, yes a place like that exists, it’s called “The Holy Donut”. Trending since 2013 the customers have the choice to choose from over 12 different kinds of flavors. I ordered the Maple Bacon and Pomegranate. 


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