Dark Palette

There are so many galleries in the city that there is no way a single person can keep up with every exhibit…unless they don’t work. I had the luxury of working part time a few years ago and was able to galley hop all kinds each week. But, for the past year, my 9 to 5 has only allowed me to catch a couple of galleries during the week since they all close at 6 pm.

I usually don’t gallery hop on the weekend since they tend to get crowded but on one of the weekdays that I was quickly browsing down W 25th, I peeked my head into Pace Gallery and fell in love with Mark Rothko’s color scheme for his Dark Palette exhibit. This exhibit traced his history of using dark colors in his sectional paintings. I asked my roommate to tag along with me the following day to be my subject, the pictures and colors came out so well. Thanks Aisha!

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