Thanksgiving on Rhode Island

For the past 4 years I have celebrated Thanksgiving in the city. I created my own tradition of attending the Thanksgiving Day Parade and then following it up at a friends for a feast.

This year I decided to switch it up. My friend Bianca had asked her sweet grandmother if I and two other friends could spend Thanksgiving with her family, she agreed.On Thanksgiving morning my friend Justine and I took a bus to Newport, Rhode Island, and got to spend the whole weekend in this tiny state filled with a lot of character.  Quaint and cute the home was, it’s as if we rented a bed and breakfast. We were catered to and loved just as our own grandmothers would do for us.We explored the city of Newport during the day and cuddled up to a warm fire and watched movies in the evening, sipping on wine and hot cider, oh and roasted marshmallows of course. It was a weekend well spent with friends on Rhode Island. 
Below are a few of my favorite spots:

Cliff Walk- This stunning walkway runs behind some of the most beautiful gilded mansions giving its pedestrians a view of the Atlantic ocean. A must see.

The Breakers Mansion- Absolutely beautiful mansion built for the Vanderbilt family during the Gilded Age. My friends and I rented the audio guide which really helped us understand the history and importance of the family and mansion as a whole. 

Midtown Oyster Bar– The oyster selection here is so delicious. We ordered an assortment of different oysters all ranging in flavor of salinity and sweetness. This bar has two stories, the first a tavern and the second a Burgee bar. Perfect place to go with a group of friends.

Beavertail Lighthouse- Located in the southern most part of Jamestown, this lighthouse was just a three-minute ride from the home we were staying in. 

Pink Pineapple- The cutest cashmere, clothing, and jewelry boutique that I stepped foot in throughout the trip. I bought a beautiful handmade choker that I’ll be wearing this coming spring and of course sharing on my Instagram.

Bowen’s Wharf– This wharf brings you back to the 18th century with its buildings, brick walks, ships, and stores. Quintessential Rhode Island.





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