An Evening With Dom DeMarco

My roommate had invited me out to spend an evening with her and her boyfriend down in Brooklyn. We started our chilly night out in Coney Island to take some photos by the famous Nathans before heading to the best pizzeria in the city, Di Fara Pizza.

 I’ve ventured out to many parts of Brooklyn before but have never been out to Midwood. Primarily populated by Orthodox Jews you can see their influence in this neighborhood but can also see how multicultural the area is with other ethnicity’s occupying the streets. Our reason for coming out this way was to eat some good ol’ fashion Brooklyn Pizza. I’m a fan of the dollar slices that you can find all over the city and have had my fair share of all kinds of pies in the five boroughs but Bryan insisted that we go to Di Fara’s. There’s nothing special about the way the pizzeria looks on the exterior or the interior. Covered in mustard colored walls with articles framed all over about the pizzeria you know you have just walked into a one of a kind hole in the wall. There were only two couples eating so we figured we’d have our pizza ready to eat in the next 20 minutes. Wrong. The only person making the pizzas was Dom DeMarco, the creator himself.We ordered a square pie and waited anxiously for it to come out of the oven. After chatting amongst ourselves for about 30 minutes we realized that our pizza was nowhere close to being done. I turned around and saw how slow Dom was moving and rolled my eyes. But there was an immediate switch in my attitude, I watched as he carefully drizzled olive oil on each pie. He placed each cheese piece which consisted of three different kinds of mozzarella’s and parmigiano reggiano precisely on the dough. He topped off the pizza by cutting fresh basil over the pie. I appreciated how much he cared about the outcome of the pie and felt the amount of love put into every move he made. I was mesmerized watching him and soon got up to document the process. An hour had passed and our pizza was finally ready. Bryan picked up our perfectly crafted square pie filled with cheese, San Marzano tomatoes, and basil. It tasted even better than it looked and for $32 a pie or $5 a slice, I see why a person pays what they do to eat this authentic hand crafted masterpiece.Di Fara is absolutely worth the trek, the money, and the time. Thanks Dom DeMarco for giving me the best farewell NYC pizza I could have asked for.


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