Trump,do you hear us now?

Dear  President Trump,

My name is Lyna, a Mexican-American woman born and raised in California. As a person shunned in your world for being a woman and of Mexican ancestry, how as a citizen can I fit into your America?

Since the moment you began your cold-hearted campaign, I have heard you undermine women and immigrants. Although I’m an American and pay taxes, the image you have portrayed of my ethnicity makes it even that much more difficult to feel like an American and like less of a citizen.
During my five years working in the different boroughs of New York City, I had the pleasure of working with immigrants, people of all different religions, and people from all different ethnicities. I lived in Queens during my stay in New York, the borough where over 48% of the population is foreign-born. This is what makes Queens so unique, how dare you marginalize any group. I’m ashamed to know that you yourself are from Queens, you must have been kept in a bubble and avoided the beauty of each culture that contributes to the American dream.

My fear , which you have already demonstrated in your first 12 days of office, has come to life. You and  your advisors have already began to make a majority of Americans feel inferior, even more than they already do.

 I only hope that as the righteous leader you claim to be, you get off your high horse and listen to the outrage you have caused throughout the country and the world. We deserve to be heard. I hope that you prove me wrong and allow yourself to listen to those that oppose your views and policies. Show us that you are willing to fight on our behalf and come up with solutions where we can all meet you and your team in the middle.Until you do this, protest and outcry will continue to occur. Put down your phone, don’t be so quick to tweet. Put yourself in everyone’s shoes before you make decisions that will impact people’s well-being.I hope that soon, I will hear and read news that states how both parties are willing to work together. As the leader, try your best to make it happen. Once you do, I will also do my part in working to unify the country.




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