Gallery Fun in LA

This was my very first visit to an art gallery in the City of Angels. Having done some research on the best galleries in the city, I read nothing but rave reviews about Ace Gallery. Located in the Miracle Mile, I found parking about a block away and then strolled on over to 5514 Wilshire Blvd.

Upon entering the Wilshire Tower, I walked up a flight of stairs and opened the door to 30,000 feet of gallery space filled with tons of rooms and contemporary art. I had the whole gallery to myself and absolutely admired the airy aesthetic and pieces. So far the LA art scene has impressed me, I’m looking forward to visiting the countless other galleries and museums.
Ruth Pastine-Ethereal Material
Hans- Christian Schink-Infrastructures
Deborah Salt- Vertical
Melissa Kretschmer-Excavations

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