Fat Tuesday in the Fillmore

I wasn’t quite sure where I wanted to spend Fat Tuesday this year but after doing some light research, I came across an event online which would be taking place in the historic Fillmore District of San Francisco.

Back in the day the Fillmore was a thriving center for jazz attracting some of the biggest names in the game to the area such as John Coltrane, Billie Holiday, and Charlie Parker.
Fillmore Street used to be lined up with world renowned nightclubs and theaters but as redevelopment programs began to take place in the late 60’s, the culture and neighborhood dynamic began to change.
I hadn’t been to the Fillmore in years but was craving some culture and wanted to experience what the block party had to offer.
It wasn’t a huge event but some liveliness and energy was brought to the Fillmore Center thanks to Lady Guitar who jammed out some rock and blues numbers.
The famous purple and green beads were all around me, along with some spirited folks in masks, and people gettin’ down on the dance floor.
I had a good time and I hope to see this event carry on in the future with a little more advertising.
As I’ve mentioned before, until I get to attend Carnaval in Bahia, I will continue to keep an eye out for events just like this.

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