Corona Heights

  As my friend and I were driving to Dolores Park on a very warm and bright Saturday, we made a pit stop at one of the most scenic parks in the city, Corona Heights.

It was about 78 degrees out and the city was bustling with everyone trying to get their dose of Vitamin C in.Located in the Corona Heights and Castro neighborhood the trails are made up of chert bedrock giving the ground a hint of terracotta red coloring. The hike up is rather steep but pretty easy to climb, I did it in my patent leather Calvin Klein booties. Totally unprepared for the occasion but like I said any shoe that I’m in only contributes to the experience, thankfully I didn’t slip.Once you reach the top, you get a beautiful 360 degree view of San Francisco or you can climb the large rocks at the hilltop to get an even better view of the city. Just make sure you have some good sneakers on for that!Whichever way you decide to hike up there will be a clear view of the downtown skyline, and the nearby neighborhoods of Eureka Valley and Noe Valley.Unlike other parks that offer a great view of the city, this one seemed untouched and only had a handful of visitors. The ideal spot to picnic at or catch a sunset.Thank you, Victoria, for taking me to this gem. I’m looking forward to spending more days here, in proper attire of course.

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