Cloud Cities


It’s rare that I visit an exhibit more than once, but after spending an afternoon in Tomás Saraceno’s Stillness in Motion-Cloud Cities exhibit last month, I had to return for more.

As I watched people walk into this white space, everyone’s eyes widened in amazement. Once you step foot into this exhibit, located on the 6th floor of SFMOMA, you enter a world made up of futuristic cities constructed of cloud like structures supported by thin ropes.
At times so thin it becomes like an obstacle to walk through. It was quite amusing watching the security quickly trot up to visitors and ask them to “please watch where you’re going”.
Mr. Saraceno created an alternative futuristic world modeling an age in which humanity puts an end to negatively impacting the earth and it’s resources and instead strives to create a more sustainable world.
His work give us an opportunity to envision what it’s like floating in air becoming completely weightless and opposing gravity.
His research draws from  physics, biology, cosmology, and engineering which all aids in creating work that interconnects humanity and the universe. Perhaps this is something to lean towards in the years to come.
This exhibit is on view until May 21st. I highly recommend visiting.

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