Trish’s Voyage

Tricia and I met during our study abroad trip in Cambridge, England back in the summer of 2011. We’ve remained good friends and even lived in NYC during the same time. It just so happened that we both decided to move back to Northern California this past new year.

Another birthday celebration for the books, Trish decided to celebrate her special day on a sunset catamaran cruise in San Francisco.
Dressed in the wrong attire and shoes, I along with some of the ladies were flopping all over the multihull nets like fish out of water. What originally began as smooth sailing soon turned into a foggy bumpy ride through the Pacific.
Not the cruise we had in mind but it definitely added to our list of adventures. I’ve never been out in the middle of the sea in that kind of condition and as frightening as it was, it reminded me of some gloomy days I’ve spent by the Atlantic on the East Coast.
The bumpy ride only made up a small portion of the cruise for those brave enough to stand out against the mighty winds. For those looking for more of a shielded and comfortable experience, complimentary food and drinks were provided inside.
Riding under the Golden Gate was quite memorable as well as viewing the city full of hills and boxed homes from afar.
Last year we celebrated Trish’s birthday in the Hampton’s in a beautiful beach house on perfect white warm sand. This year’s celebration fit the occasion being that we are both transitioning into certain stages in our life.
A symbolic ride representing the bumpy and foggy months that we’ve had this year, in the end the sun did come out creating a beautiful sunset.
Cheers to another year Trish! I’m looking forward to more adventures together. It will be a great year.

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