The Color Factory

My friend Victoria had text me on a Monday night in August asking if I heard about the Color Factory in San Francisco, a two story interactive exhibit showcasing color at its best. My answer was “no” but as soon as I opened the link I was sold.

Tickets were selling out extremely fast leaving us with only a few time slots to select from on a Friday night.
When we arrived a couple of weeks later, the factory was practically empty leaving us with a whole two stories to run through. After walking down the rainbow stairs we were stopped by a woman instructing us to take a photo by the wall. She then handed us our “ID” which would allow us to retrieve our photos should we decide to use the factory’s camera.
The first room we entered was a striped room with a scented wall. After a few good whiffs it was hard not to think of food.
To our surprise, there were sugar cookies with cream filling rotating around at the end of the room, waiting to be grabbed and eaten. The perfect way to begin any exhibit if you ask me.
Directly on the other side of the wall was a black and white striped room with a woman handing out lemon charcoal lemonade shots. I’m assuming it was distributed to cleanse our palates. Not really sure but it definitely took the sweet cookie taste out of my mouth.
With 45 minutes left we hit up every room trying to devote the same amount of time to each.
It didn’t exactly pan out that way as some rooms were more interesting to us than others but never the less, we took the time to gaze and snap each installation.
I figured this would be a good time to point out that back in NYC, I was able to attend this amazing pop up called “29 Rooms” for the past two summers.
Hosted by Refinery 29, each patron is able to bring out their inner child by entering 29 unique and customized rooms.
One of the reasons why I was so quick to purchase a ticket for the Color Factory was because I knew it would be similar to 29 Rooms.
Unlike 29 Rooms, I did have to pay to visit the factory but in all honestly it was absolutely worth it. 
As mentioned before, the factory was practically empty giving us the perfect amount of space to run freely.
 I was never able to experience this in 29 Rooms because rooms would be filled with people or you were only allowed to be in each room for a minute or two.
We made the most out of our hour and ended the night on the second floor.
With three rooms to choose from we quickly glanced in each and decided that we would end it in the ball pit room.
A nice yellow lemony room filled with thousands of yellow balls to jump in.
On the count of three we jumped in and spent the last 10 minutes swimming through the sea of lemons.

It was the quickest hour I’ve ever experienced but a very memorable one at that. I’m not sure if The Color Factory will make it to any other cities in the future but I’m glad I got to partake in the very first one.

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