An Artsy December Day in Madrid

prettyMadrid offers its residents and guests many things to enjoy during the month of December. If you want to stay away from the more local attractions like Puerta del Sol, head over to Barrio de las Letras. meeeOnce you get off the Anton Martin stop, you’ll officially step foot in Barrio de las Letras or Huertas as some call it. Not far from Puerta del Sol actually, this neighborhood is lovely to walk through and full of rich history.zoIt is known and has been known as the literary neighborhood for years.  During the Golden Age, many famous authors and playwrights lived in this area, such as the famous Miguel de Cervantes. chrI’m not sure if any well known writers live there now, but I would imagine some do. Story goes that Ernest Hemingway also liked to occupy these streets and bars. caldPlaza Santa Ana is one of the main hubs in this area. You can grab yourself a drink and watch people roam If you don’t, there are plenty of boutiques, bars, and restaurants to choose from.kkkSome of the names of these institutions are named after famed contributors to Spanish literature.  jjIf you glance down you can also come across quotes and passages from famous literal pieces inscribed on the concrete.starsJust east of this barrio lies a handful of museums. Since you’re so near, it makes sense to visit at least one. coolI decided to spend the rest of my day at Museo Reina Sofia. It’s actually more southeast from Barrio de las Letras, but still walking about ten euros and cheaper for students, you’ll have access to the lovely art inside these hallways. I happened to go on a day that entry was free for all visitors. towerCheck the website of all museums before you visit, you may be able to plan your trip around a free entrance day.serraThe museum hosted a large body of work. From Richard Serra, pictured above. wowTo the Cubist Movement, pictured below.cubeAnd everything in between. Spending a late afternoon or evening at a museum is always a great way to wind down from all the prior walking around. girkYou can admire art, rest, eat at the cafe, and use the free WIFI. A win win all around.rss.jpegSo that is my recommendation for spending a low key December day in Madrid. You’ll still get the holiday spirit walking around Barrio de las Letras with its holiday decor and all. If you must, Puerta del Sol is so near that if you want to shop around the hustle and bustle, you can do so. Enjoy!

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