Autumn in Burgos

Believe it or not, one of the reasons that I chose to work in Burgos, Spain, out of the other two cities that were offered to me, was because the city gets all four seasons. When people typically think of Spain they think of the beach and sunny weather but that is not my case and I prefer it this way.As I’ve stated in previous posts, autumn is my favorite season and after living in NYC, I can’t imagine an autumn without foliage or sweaters. Towards the end of October the green leaves started changing into golden and burgundy tones in the city center and along the Arlanzón River.My walk to work every morning became even that much more enjoyable with every leaf that changed color and every article of clothing I gradually saw people layer on.It also gave me another reason to window shop and splurge on some warm sweaters sold in the city’s boutiques.Burgos is located about two and a half hours north of Madrid and its landscape reminds me of the Central Valley back in California. It doesn’t snow in the Central Valley but just like Burgos the land is flat and even has hills with windmills just like the Altamont Pass that leads into into the Bay Area.Burgos serves as the capital of Castile and León and will carry out chilly weather until April. So it’s safe to safe that I still have months left of purchasing sweaters. Autumn officially ends later this month but I can happily say that I was impressed with the foliage that came through in my city. Thank you, otoño.

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