Snowfall in Burgos

During my walk to work on the morning of December 1st, an unexpected surprise fell from the sky that Friday. Fluffy white snow graced Burgos creating the perfect start for the weekend and holiday season.Before I moved to Burgos last October, I made sure I packed the right clothing, which mainly consisted of autumn and winter gear. As I was reading up on the weather, I quickly learned that it was similar to that of the east coast so I assumed that snow would be part of the winter forecast.As the days got chillier and trees more bare, I began asking my fellow colleagues when the snow would start falling but their response was not what I was expecting. They shared with me that snow throughout winter used to be common but as of the last ten years it was rare. I was actually pretty bummed when I heard this, I was spoiled on the east with snowfall and snow days and quickly let go of the idea that I would see snow in Spain.
For that exact reason you can imagine how shocked I and I’m sure everyone in Burgos was when it snowed that morning.  When I arrived at school a few minutes before 9 a.m, teachers were bringing their students out to play and children were peeking out the windows, I’m positive it was the first time some of the students have ever seen snow.Fridays are obviously my favorite day because it kickstarts the weekend but also because I finish work at 12:30 in the afternoon, giving me the rest of the day to do what I do best, explore.At 12:30 p.m I trotted straight to my apartment to grab my camera and went on my merry way. Walking around “el centro” was pure bliss, antique buildings covered in snow and cobble stone streets leading to majestic squares, it was quite the sight. It was beautiful watching children and adults rollicking around, throwing snowballs at eachother, and laughing. Snow brings out one of two things, a persons irritated side or inner child, today I saw everyones inner child.I hope to see a couple more snowfalls before winter ends. We still have a few months left of cold weather so here’s hoping for some more powder.


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