Andy Warhol, Silver Screen

During “Semana Santa”, also known as Holy Week, my lovely parents flew out to visit me in Spain from California. Instead of  them coming directly to my city, which is located 2.5 hours North of Madrid, we decided to spend the weekend in Madrid together.

Weekends in Madrid call for sightseeing and tons of art, so we spent one afternoon at the CaixaForum viewing the Andy Warhol exhibit.We ended up at Caixaforum by chance. I had intended to catch the Dan Flavin exhibit at Galería Cayon on a Saturday but wasn’t aware that the gallery closed at 2 p.m. That afternoon we were relaxing on the Círculo de Bellas Artes rooftop and lost track of time.In a panic, I frantically began to research other galleries and museums and Caixa popped up on Google. I checked the website to see what exhibits were showing and voila, it was showcasing Andy Warhol’s pieces from February 1st to May 6th.I was able to view a few of his pieces in New York City and his show at the Broad in LA last Spring. This would be my parents first time viewing any of his pieces and it was extra special because we would be seeing it together in a new city.Andy Warhol was one of the most influential artist of the Pop Art movement during the 1960s. Taking imagery from popular culture and combining it with unrelated material or removing it from its own context began first in the U.S and Great Britain then spread to the rest of the world.Andy Warhol not only painted, he also sculpted, directed, managed, and produced a variety of media. One of his most popular pieces, Marilyn Diptych, is the first piece that patrons see upon entering the exhibit room. It was painted by him a week after a Marilyn Monroes death.From there, the list of his well known pieces continues. The Campbell’s Soup Cans, Elvis Presley in a gunslinger pose, Mao Tse Tung, Blondie, and the list goes on.The exhibit also had a screen test room showcasing portraits of Factory visitors and snippets of some of his films. In a span of three years he created more than 60 films.One of my favorite rooms from the exhibit was the Silver Clouds room. A white room filled with silver helium and regular air pillow shaped balloons that floated around. Simple, clean, and soothing. The mixture of air allows the balloons to gently float off the ground while not sticking to the ceiling. Patrons are allowed to hold these floating clouds.A fun exhibit to walk through showing a variety of his different works. I can’t imagine what NYC must of been like in the 60’s with all the creatives gathering at his studio, The Factory. This visit only made it more clear that I need to live in a city where art is appreciated and showcased for its residents to see. I have just a little over a month before I head back to NYC but for now my mission is to visit as many galleries as I can in Europe. Thanks Mr. Warhol for the inspiration.





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