How To Spend A Day In Calpe

On the east coast of Spain in the province of Alicante the city of Calpe sits beautifully on the Mediterranean coast. While many people would rather take a trip to Valencia or the actual city of Alicante, Calpe is totally worth a day trip visit, at the least. Surrounded by beautiful white sand and fresh seafood, this city is full of rich history and plenty of natural beauty to marvel at. Below are four of my recommendations.

Head to the Beach!
You can’t visit Calpe without making a trip to the beach. There are a few beaches to choose from but my friends and I chose to hang around Playa de la Fossa o Levante. It’s clean, full of fluffy white sand, family friendly, and has an awesome view of the Peñón de Ifach.Grab a scoop of ice cream!
On the promenade and in the old town, you’ll come across dozens of ice cream shops. Order yourself a scoop or two of  delicious pistachio or whatever flavor your craving, and stroll the town! I swear it makes it even more pleasant.Wander around the old center
Walking through the narrow streets brings you back in time. You’ll be met with tall walls which ensured protection from pirates back in the day. The streets are filled with beautiful colored walls, mosaics, and plants. You’ll eventually run into the Señora de las Nieves church and the charming Plaza de la Vila.Order a batch of paella
If you ever travel to the east of Spain you HAVE to order yourself some paella. Paella originally comes from the region of Valencia so it was our duty to find one of the most authentic restaurants that served this classic dish. If you want the real deal, head on over to Rincón De Calp. We ordered a massive skillet of shrimp and muscle paella. Between the three of us it took some time to finish but with a glass of wine and good conversation, there’s no need to rush. Indulge like the Spanish!


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