How To Spend A Saturday in Schöneberg, Berlin

There are 12 marvelous boroughs to explore in the city of Berlin. Within each borough, there are a number of neighborhoods awaiting to be walked through, each having it’s own flavor that distinguishes itself from another. If you’re looking for a homey and local borough to spend an afternoon in, head on over to Schöneberg. With a history dating back to 1264, a support for the LGBTQ community, ethnic enclaves cooking up delicious  food, and a variety of art galleries, you can’t go wrong walking through these non touristy streets. Here are some suggestions for making your afternoon in Schöneberg a great one.

Start your morning off at the Winterfeldt Markt
This market (markt in German) occurs every Saturday and Wednesday. Vendors of all sorts spread their goods out throughout Winterfeldplatz. It’s the perfect way to begin your morning. Order some espresso, perhaps a slice of plum cake, or freshly cooked Turkish food, stroll the alleys of artisan goods, and hey, why not buy a bouquet of flowers while you’re at it.img_0813img_0803img_0814img_0797Take a seat in St. Matthias Church
As I always say, no matter your beliefs, a lot can be taken away from visiting a religious Institution. Right in Winterfeldplatz, a few steps away from the market, lies St. Matthias Church. After strolling the market, make a pit stop in this Roman Catholic church hall to view the architecture, read it’s history off the brochure, and reflect.  img_0838church againimg_0830Take the time to learn about the LGBTQ history in this neighborhood
Many of Berlins neighborhoods are LGBTQ friendly, but Schöneberg in particular has shown support of all people being able to mingle and love since the 1920s. In this neighborhood you will come across gay stores, bars, hostels, nightclubs, and more. This neighborhood does a great job at making its residents and guests feel welcome. 2944cb9e-f9fc-4a79-8f35-23ac6dbf16096d7c2029-9a19-4710-abac-7fdc46ff379dbf1665a2-9afc-434a-8611-7215d8ed2be2Visit some art galleries
You can randomly stumble across a gallery while walking down the street, or if you type in “gallerie” in google maps, about 20 will pop up. While I have many to recommend, here are a couple I think are worth visiting, Museum der Unerhorten Dinge and Urban Nation. Founder Roland Albrecht opens his door and invites guest to view his collection of odd and random things such as Columbus’s telescope and a bag of Brothers Grimm pasta at Museum der Unerhorten Dinge. At Urban Nation, a museum of contemporary art, particularly street art, you have two floors of creative art, a bit of history, and sculptures, to view. You can easily spend an hour or so admiring the pieces.
b96aa1ec-7c7c-4b05-883a-73745752c7d2c883fb5a-ed10-4042-bc30-2e23c1238197318d22e6-aea2-49a3-92fe-6b5418bb82e3ca215979-188e-44c4-b412-7d6fe2cecddeOrder yourself a delicious Kebab
A Döner Kebab is perhaps the most popular street food in Berlin, maybe even Germany. Its seems that just about anywhere you will come across a Döner Kebab Imbiss. At Ruyam Gemuse Kebab, the quality of ingredients is darn near perfect. Although it’s always busy, you rarely have to wait in line and will always be able to grab a seat. I’ve been here three times with my husband and it never disappoints. For my veggie friends, their is an alternative to the juicy chicken kebab, the potato substitute, which is just as savory and good as any of their kebabs. Also, their is Turkish tea on hand for free. So munch away and wash it down with some tasty tea. You can’t go wrong!img_2721img_2718.jpgVisit where David Bowie used to live
Yes, David Bowie used to live in Schöneberg, cool huh. From 1976 to 1979, David was inspired by the political air, new artistic movement, and drama if you will, that exsisted in Berlin. After his tumultuous years in Los Angeles, he needed to find new given inspiration, and West Berlin was just what he needed. Berlin inspired him to write three studio albums, “Low”, “Hereos”, and “Lodger”. The perfect way to walk off your kebab, is to walk it over to Haupstrasse 165.d3d91065-085c-47dc-840d-f047ec33f6f0End your afternoon at Heinrich- von- Kleist Park
There are a number of parks to choose from in this borough, but right by Kleistpark and Winterfeldplatz lies Heinrich- von- Kleist Park. Named after the German poet and novelist, this park is a tiny sanctuary that will allow you to sit and read a book, or hang with friends. No matter what you decide, it’s a great place to rest before you begin your evenings journey in Berlin.147fb815-b924-4c93-bfcb-365bc39d63abb22a7fa4-9bb7-4203-bc00-1449397faa0a


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  1. Very nice Berlin in post. I read among Your About-me-page this: “worked and traveled throughout Europe” Congratulations that You did visit my country. Did You love reindeers and reindeer rides and reindeer races?

    Happy and safe travels!


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