Pit Stop in Milano

769f8dbe-ec08-4bde-9d8f-dab13474ce5aAfter our relaxing stay at Lake Como, we drove back to Milano and decided to spend a couple of days in the city before our flight out back to Berlin.9e0de2a7-f163-4efb-a0a4-4084d8dd7498.jpgWe arrived early in the evening and took the subway straight to our hotel. Once we settled in from our long drive, one hour to be exact, the first thing Jannis wanted to do was order a classic margherita pizza from Pizza AM, which is in between the Ticinese and Guastalla districts. 64edbb9e-b8fe-44e4-ad86-d4e32d85e6b4.jpgThis spot is quite the experience. Upon arriving we encountered a long line full of tourist waiting for the doors to open. Once they did, we were greeted by the owner and staff that kindly passed out proseco and flatbread before we ordered.5c9b783e-0286-4db3-88a7-13888f35bdec.jpgThe staff was very efficient, for the amount of people ordering and waiting in line, we got seated immediately and got served our pizzas and drinks within 15 minutes. 658dbd74-3e73-46a7-a571-b4b7ec15841a.jpgThe pizza was thin, savory, fresh, and had the perfect amount of cheese and basil. I would recommend this place if you have time to spare. After our meal we were then given free shots by the staff, a nice farewell to say the least.82580b5a-356f-4755-9eb6-134b8796b64eAfter our filling meal we strolled on over to the Duomo di Milano. The sun was just setting and the cathedral had a nice golden tint to it. For the rest of the evening we just enjoyed the scenery.img_1009The following morning we headed back to the heart of the city to explore the area a bit more. We gazed at the cathedral again, which this time around, had tons of pigeons and people out front, so we stood there for a total of about two minutes.2d7b208e-8105-4f94-ac15-f1cfa3665d20.jpgWe then walked a few feet and strolled through the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Italy’s oldest mall covered in 19th century glass loaded with upscale shopping and dining.11c32d4d-992c-41d6-99a5-58314b66edbeThe mall was designed in 1861 and named after the first king of the Kingdom of Italy. We weren’t in the mood to window shop, just wanted to admire the design of this beautiful building. 149571df-9c9b-4042-94cd-047227660225The only place that tempted us in the mall was Savini, a restaurant with gourmet dining that sells gelato from its ice cream shop.a33d025e-0ce6-41e9-b3df-29405247481dRight by the mall lies the Teatro La Scala, one of the leading theatres in the world right in the Piazza della Scala. Theatre aficionados fill the seats and at times can be a tough crowd, openly expressing their views on the performance, booing, applauding, and all. If you plan to visit the theatre make sure you are properly dressed, no shorts, sandals, or short sleeved shirts.25724e5f-2de4-4ebc-b9a3-73524fa5708aIn the Piazza, right across from La Scala and the Galleria, is a statue of Leonardo da Vinci which went up in 1872. It celebrates the Renaissance man that he was.cd419ec9-1fa2-4ee7-99cb-298b818d2519Right in the center you can also find some more shops, affordable and high end. We stopped by Patek Philippe, one of the, if not most, expensive watch stores in the world. They can retail up to more than $50,000.eb17a3dd-0866-4032-9089-ebb2019601a9.jpgAfterwards, we wanted to get away from the tourist so headed over to a less touristy area, Navigli. In this area there are five canals, still used for irrigation. This neighborhood dates back to 1179 and has some fun boutiques and bars to explore.8750dd44-03a1-4787-8465-c5f640bcaec1Not quite Venice, or Amsterdam, but this part of the city gives off an artsy vibe that is refreshing from the commercial center. Also, we decided to have another snack here, this time from an old friend of ours, 100 Montaditos. We used to eat at this chain in Burgos, Spain, often, so it holds a special place in our hearts, brings us back to when we first started dating.98fbbe30-f541-4fef-bd83-03e0b47d388f.jpgAfter some more sightseeing and snacking on olive bread we decided we were ready to head back to the hotel and chill. f8b684e7-edb6-4556-a004-77307cebe138To be honest, nothing was planned out on our end, our goal was to relax at Lake Como, and since that was such a success, we didn’t want to tire ourselves out by exploring all of Milano. 004aa379-62bf-4cd5-8a07-841e8ea69334That evening we stood near our hotel in the Bruzzano area, which is located in the outskirts, about 15 minutes outside of the city by train. We drove over to a local pizzeria, Trattoria pizzeria “Al Posto Giusto”, where old Italian men gamble at the social club next door, that you have to walk through to get to the pizzeria. A true local gem, this pizza is on point and the real deal, oh and cheap! Staying in the outskirts still kept some of the Lake Como vibe that we didn’t want to let go of.7934099b-ca00-4f5b-a934-ca86b5a75411The next day Jannis and I decided to split up during the day, he went back to Lake Como to watch the Giro d’Italia and I spent the day looking at art and roaming through the Brera district. e1edbbd1-093a-4030-9eee-2352c82dff70The Brera is a beautiful bohemian chic area filled with fine arts. Back in the day it was situated in the outskirts of Milano. Here you can visit the Palazzo Brera and Botanical Garden.3f5bd60c-d704-4ceb-9e38-0bfb00514338Full of 18th century goodness, this garden, and district are worth the visit.img_1023I ended my day at Museo del Novecento, a lovely museum right next to the cathedral. It houses about 400 pieces of  20th century Italian art.img_1027It has multiple floors, including a bar and bookshop. I got a student discount and stood for over an hour, my favorite piece, which isn’t a piece, is the giant window that overlooks the plaza infront of the cathedral.img_1026Right when I was leaving, I received a text from Jannis that he was half and hour away. We arrived at our hotel at the same time, happily tired and ready for some more local pizza. Our time in Milano was fun, not my favorite city, but it was a nice pit stop after Lake Como. I can’t wait for us to go back to Italy, not sure which region it will be, but we had a lovely time in the country and look forward to exploring more of it.





















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