Enjoy Summer in Berlin Like a Local With These Activities

Oh summer in the city, the options are limitless. With great weather in Berlin, there’s no need to stay in doors, but if you do, there are plenty of events and exhibits that will keep you entertained. Below are a list of activities that I recommend to anyone that is looking to make the most of their summer in Berlin. These photos were taken last summer in 2019. Once it’s safe to congregate in public spaces, I hope it can serve as a good guide.

Visit Mauerpark on a Sunday Morning
In the Prenzlauer Berg District of Berlin lies Mauerpark. During the time that the city was divided, it served as part of the Death Strip. Since then, the park has come along way, and is now happily enjoyed by its residents and visitors.

On Sundays you will come across an enormous flea market made up unique goods. Food trucks of all kinds of cuisines are lined up, and musicians and street artists gift us with their talents all around the park. I suggest getting to the market before noon, the walkways can get pretty hectic. Grab a plate of food to go, and plot down anywhere on the hill and take in the thousands of things going on at the park. It’s a quite a treat.

Bike around the city
The perfect way to get around the city is on a bike. Whether you rent one, buy one, or borrow one, it will allow you to see the city in a different light. Feel the wind pressing against your face, the sun shining down on your skin, and the city’s energy uplifting you. There’s no better feeling!

Pedal down the Spree River
One of the most poplar bodies of water in Berlin is the Spree, and there are a number of ways to enjoy it. Whether you’re chilling at a park, cruising on a boat, or relaxing at one of the beaches, it’s one of the ingredients needed to enjoy your sunny afternoon. My crew decided on renting a pedal boat. Bring a couple of drinks, good conversation, and you’ll be set.

Get some cardio in at Tempolholf Airport
Bike, garden, bbq, skate, and jog at an airport, I must be kidding, right? Well, I’m not. Berlin has a number of abandoned buildings, but this one takes the cake. This enormous airport, which closed in 2008, has had an interesting history as it was once occupied by Nazis, and also served as a refugee housing site for displaced Syrians.

Over the years this brutal space has transformed itself into one of the most liberating spaces in the city. With different boroughs at each of its ends, you will find an array of people utilizing the space to practice their hobbies or simply relaxing. You can easily spend a day here doing whatever you please, but I prefer to bike around the runways and make a pit stop at the garden to sit and take in the evening light. You have to make it out this way, it’s a must!

Sit back, kick back at Yaam
A sucker for any ethnic enclave or cultural haven, I gravitate towards areas that began at the hands of immigrants. Yaam or Young and African Arts Market, has been around for over a decade. Situated in the now gentrified Friedrichshain, this community was started up by Caribbean and African residents looking to create a space to call their own.

As one of the oldest Reggae and Dancehall clubs in the city, every time you enter the venue, you can’t help but feel positive vibes flowing around. If you aren’t there for a concert, you can gladly chill at the beach. Street art is all around, along with some food trucks and bar for you to have a proper chill session.

Enjoy the sunset and a drink at Klunkerkranich
One of the best ways to end a summers day is on a rooftop. In trendy Neukolln, you will find Klunkerkranich on the very top floor of a shopping mall. With rustic decor, lights, and a random Jeff Koons art piece, this place gives off major Brooklyn vibes with its aesthetic but never the less, a proper summer location. There are a number of benches to sit at outside, or you can plop down on any one of the couches on the inside rooms. The DJ’s take care of the beats, and the rest is on you. Prost!

Take a day trip to Peacock Island (Pfaueninsel)
Peacock Island is an island on the River Havel located in the western end of Berlin, it’s a nature reserve and park with historic buildings. In the late 1700’s the Prussian King, Frederick William the II, had a castle built for him in what served as his summer residence, the castle still remains.

One can get there by ferry, which cost 4 euros and about two minutes to arrive to the island. Once you touch land, you’re free to roam. Be prepared to see free ranging peacocks out and about. Bikes aren’t allowed so make sure to bring some comfortable shoes. There are plenty of fields to picnic on and a designated area for doing so actually, right by the biergarten. Bring some snacks or cash in order to buy some goodies there. It truly is a nice get away from the city, although you are still technically in the city.

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