Picnicking by the Karl-Heine’s Canal in Leipzig

One may not think of canals when they think of Leipzig, but they are very much are part of the city’s landscape and one of the locations its residents spend their pastime at. The interlocking waterways give everyone a glimpse of “Little Venice” as some call it.

There are many canals to choose from in this hip city, and perhaps the most well known is the Karl-Heine-Kanal.

The canal is named after Karl Heine, who began constructing it in 1856 in order to connect the Weiße Elster and Sächsische Saal rivers. This section eventually became part of the city and named Plagwitz.

The options are limitless in how you can spend your time on, in, or by the canal. You can walk, run, or bike over. Once there you can rent a canoe, kayak, hop in a boat, paddle board, or have a picnic, which is exactly what I did.

Right behind Philippus Church are some stairs that lead right to the canal. It’s a wonderful spot to sit at and gaze at the water, ducks floating, and people paddling by.

The city is quite green and heading to the canal is an experience in itself. It’s as if you aren’t even in a city but rather a forest. Please do yourself a favor if you’re in Leipzig and head on over to the canal, it’s well worth it and a perfect place to enjoy a summer day at. Make sure to bring a drink and some snacks.

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