Chasing Summer Sunsets at Berlin’s Tempelhofer Feld

One of my favorite places to ride around no matter the season, but especially during the summer, is at Tempelhofer Feld, a massive abandoned airport situated between the boroughs of Tempelholf, Kreuzberg and Neukölln.

Over the years it has served as many things: farmland, a parade ground, military ground, fußball field, aviation center, and airport up until 2008.

It was occupied by Nazis in the 30s and used as a Gestapo prison. After the war it was handed over to the Americans until they handed it back in 1993.

Although it remained an airport until the 90s, plans for what the space could potentially become have always been a point of discussion.

In 2015 it became Germany’s largest shelter for Syrian and Iraqi refugees. It opened as a public park to Berliners and visitors in 2010.

Since 2011 community members and different organizations have collaborated to bring a number of different recreational activities to Berliners.

Projects are carefully selected and implemented depending on resources, demand, and flexibility. One of those projects is the community garden. There is a variety of plants that are well taken care of and a number of insects and birds that are drawn to this area. The field also serves as a refuge to wildlife and plants, keep your eyes open for them while riding around.

From where airplanes used to take off to now empty runways, one can bike, skate, run, walk, dance, skate surf, anything, it’s such a liberating feeling being able to do what you want for a long distance.

Picnicking and barbequing are also allowed. Since there is so much green space, 300 hectares, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect spot to chill at for the day.

It may not be your number one spot during your first visit to this city, but if you want to hang like a local I highly recommend coming here. Rent a bike, make your way down to this part of town, and ride like the wind before it’s too late.

In 2014 Berliners signed a referendum that prohibited construction from being built around the park. Many are in favor of keeping the park as is, I personally hope it never changes because it’s such a gem to the city.

I hope everyone enjoyed their summer. I know the state of the world is far from ideal, but being outdoors can help change our mood and give us a sense of freedom during this pandemic.

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