Picking Apples in the Outskirts of Berlin

Since I arrived in Germany this past August, I’ve been watching random clips from Inglorious Basterds. Whenever I’m here I tend to watch historical documentaries and films about this country’s history.

My favorite intense scene is when SS Colonel Hans Landa and Emmanuelle “Shosanna”, are at the cafe uncomfortably speaking over an apfelstrudel, coffee, and glass of milk.

That sort of inspired me to want to go and pick apples. Also, it was a great reason to leave Berlin and head on over to an orchard, which was about an hour away from the city.

We headed to Newmann’s Erntegarten und Hofladen during the week. It was a warm September day, perfect for picking some fruit.

This lovely orchard grows a number of different produce throughout the year. Apples, plums, and raspberries were in season during our time there.

We spent three hours here, wandering about the orchard, we even came across some beautiful and extremely friendly horses.

After we picked our fair share of apfels, we walked over to the raspberry field. It was so green and from afar you could spot the pops of red all around. Before we headed out to pick our fruit, the woman at the entrance had let us borrow a bucket for the apples and plastic container for the berries.

It was while we were picking the berries that my husband and I began speaking about the migrant workers around the world that do this for a living. No matter the weather, the working conditions, the terrible pay, and dangerous working environment during the pandemic and wild fires, they are there hunched over for long hours working hard to feed us. Thank you for all that you do. It is much appreciated.

After our conversation and fill of raspberries, we walked back over to the entrance and into the shop to take a break. We ordered something to drink and a piece of pie to eat.

We took a seat in their cute garden. It was full of plants and even had a large house for their rabbits and guinea pigs. It was just the break we needed before we went back out to pick some plums.

I’ve never picked plums nor have I seen them in an orchard. My grandfather has a beautiful plum tree in his backyard in the Bay Area of CA. Every summer he brings us a huge brown bag filled with them. These looked completely different, smaller and not as sweet as my grandfathers, but still tasty. There were thousands of them on the ground. We picked some from the ground and the rest from the branches.

It was such a beautiful day to be out and tasting the fruit from the earth. So sweet and crisp. I wrote about picking blueberries back in my hometown in CA before, and mentioned that picking fruit wasn’t something I did until I moved to NYC. I want to continue this tradition, since I come from the agricultural hub of CA, no matter where I’m in the world.

Thank you German orchard for making my day a delightful one and giving me the perfect apples so that I could make my apfelstrudel.

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