First Friday in May

On the first Friday of every month Oakland’s Telegraph Ave transforms into one of the liveliest Ave’s in the East Bay. The festival draws in thousands of people from all over the Bay Area giving them the opportunity to experience live music, art, fashion, delicious food, and in all good vibes from local residents.

My friend Chris, founder of Lighthead Threads, had asked me to help him table at this month’s festival and I was more than delighted. Not only was it my first time ever attending but I also got to see all of Chris’s hard work put into play. His brand is founded on the principal that bright ideas can occur at any time and that no matter what industry you’re in, we all seek to get light headed in our own way. It’s only appropriate that Chris uses a custom designed light bulb to portray this principal. LTHD’s merch is clean cut and ranges from hats, t-shirts, tanks, and stickers. Feel free to shop around on his website and give him a follow while you’re at it @LTHDthreads on Twitter and @lighthead_threads on IG.  To give you some insight about the festival, it was created in 2006 by two groups called Art Murmur and the Rock Paper Scissors Collective. Originally this fair began as an art walk but slowly transformed into what it is today. It is now controlled by KONO, Koreatown Northgate, which works hard to preserve Oakland First Fridays as an all inclusive, safe, and vital community-driven platform to showcase local talent from the Bay Area.From 5-9:30 you are guaranteed a full 4.5 hours of visually stimulating artisanal goods, food, clothing, and live music. Free to all, I can’t think of a better way to spend a Friday evening. If you’re around the Oakland area on June 2nd, go check it out!


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